Espace Killy

One of the biggest ski region in the Savoie Alps.
It covers the resorts of Tignes and Val d'Isere.

This ski area is named after the french skier Jean-Claude Killy. He was a triple Olympic champion in 1968 (Donwhill, Giant slalom and Slalom) and dominated the winter sports in the late 1960s.
Espace Killy ski area (it covers ski resorts Tignes/Val d'Isère) is located in the Tarentaise (France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Savoie Mont Blanc, Savoie, Albertville). There are more than 300 km of slopes and ski routes available for skiing and snowboarding. The ski area is situated between the elevations of 1,550 and 3,456 m.

Tignes and Val d'Isère resorts are connected by lifts and slopes to form one of the largest ski areas in France. It is located on the upper end of the Isère Valley. Part of its slopes are located on The Grande Motte Glacier in Tignes, so skiing is available in the summer time as well. The winter sports resort at the foot of the Pointe du Montet (3,428 m) and the Grande Motte (3,656 m) offers slopes of all difficulty levels for skiing and snowboarding. This area is a real paradise for freeriding. Powder is awesome here. In 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics was held in Val d'Isère, the resort also regularly hosts World Cup races.
Very easy runs
44 km
Easy runs
126 km
Intermediate runs
78 km
Expert runs
52 km
300 km
T-bar lifts

Espace Killy: ski resort Tignes / ski resort Val d'Isère

How to use Skadi FIS app in Espace Killy?
Espace Killy is a quite huge ski area. If your car / hotel is based in Tignes and you ski to another part of ski area (e.g. Val d'Isere), it would be easy for you to stuck in this area and be late on slift. Skadi FIS app helps you to be on time on any lift on your way back to home.
Our partners in Espace Killy
Exchange your crystals collected while skiing for amazing awards in any PRECISION SKI shop in Tignes and Val d'Isere ski resorts.
Exchange your crystals collected while skiing for amazing awards in any SKI REPUBLIC shop in Tignes and Val d'Isere ski resorts.
How to get special offers?
Download Skadi FIS app
Open Appstore / Google Play on your phone, type in 'skadi fis' to find Skadi FIS app. Or just use download links below.
Ski with Skadi and collect crystals
Get more fun from your skiing by collecting as many crystals as you can. Keep your eyes open for magic animals and dwarves that can give or take away your crystals. Good luck!
Game rules
Main goal of the game is collect as many crystals as possible. Different gaming objects can give or take some of your crystals (e.g. if you meet Marmot on the slopes, you would get 5 crystals). You don't need to check your smartphone while skiing. Just turn on Skadi FIS app and put phone in your pocket.
How to check Total Score?

Your Total Score for current day is available on the main screen of the map. To check overall score you need to open Profile screen and check total number of collected crystals.
How to get special offer?
Visit crystal exchange spot. All spots in current ski resort are shown on map in Skadi FIS app. Open Profile screen in the app, show your Total score to shop assistant, tap icon spend crystals. Enter needed amount.
Get your special offer!
If you have enough crystal, you would get special offer from our partner. Please find below exchange rate for each partner in this ski resort.
Special offers
Please find below list of special offers which are provided by Precision Ski and Ski Republic in Espace Killy: Tignes and Val d'Isere. Number means number of Skadi crystals you have to spend using Skadi FIS app to get offer (exchange rate).
Free day ski or snowboard rental
Equipment servicing
5% off clothing and accessories
10% off clothing and accessories
65% off ski rental for up to 4 people
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